Once you've launched, continue growing in discipleship through coaching, online training, CMN Conferences, and the Multiply Cohort


Post-launch Checklist

Reconnect with your CMN Rep

Manage expectations for follow-up services

Manage your emotional energy post-launch

Create your post-launch calendar

  • Staff holidays

  • Plan for seasonal events

  • Make time for rest

  • Map out sermon series

Develop and maintain strategy for financial sustainability

  • Set expectations for tithes and offerings from team leaders

  • Expect highs and lows

  • Match your expectations with reality – don't be discouraged

Automate your response to new visitors

  • Create an online sign-up form that sends a follow-up email right away

Create on-ramps and off-ramps to transition from church launch team to leadership team

Maintain relationships with other pastors and church planters – don’t feel like you have to do everything alone

Connect with an organization that matches your ministry context

Expand your relationship with your Assemblies of God District

Circle back to your donors

  • Keep those who invested in your church up-to-date after launch

Post-launch marketing

  • Leverage excitement and momentum to promote your church consistently after launch

  • Budget for social media promotions, google ads, etc.

Managing your location

  • Have a plan B if your location has to change

  • Maintain financial reserves for rent/lease

Team building

  • Develop what you are looking for in elders, deacons, church board, and leadership team post-launch

Small groups and discipleship

  • What is your discipleship track for new believers?

  • Who leads your small groups?

  • What is your small group curriculum?

Set up system for pastoral care

  • Weddings, hospital visits, baby dedications, pre-marital counseling, etc.

Determine when your church’s age-focused ministries will begin

  • Children’s ministry

    • Make staff decisions

  • Youth ministry

    • Summer camp

    • Outreach events

Consider following CMN’s Steps to Multiply

See your ministry grow to the the next level by supporting the multiplication of the Church in the United States – either through launching a new campus, or by supporting a new church outside of your direct influence. CMN’s Steps to Multiply is the perfect place to get started.

Lead-Stage Resources

Stay up-to-date on your leadership development and discipleship by attending church planting events and conferences, reading leadership material, and forging new relationships. Our goal is to help you continue to grow and become the leader God has called you to be.