Get started on following your roadmap to launch day – and beyond. Using CMN's steps to plant process, you'll learn what it takes to plant a church, launch a healthy church in your community, and lead your church to multiply.


Take the first steps toward launching a church by taking assessments, connecting with a CMN Representative, and watching training videos


After attending CMN Launch, prepare to start your church by moving into your community, building your church planting teams, marketing, and raising funds


Once you've launched, follow up by continuing to grow in discipleship through coaching, online training, conferences, and cohorts


Connect with a CMN REP

At the Church Multiplication Network, we know that starting a church is an exciting and rewarding journey – but it can be difficult to get started. That's why our team of CMN Representatives is here to help. Click the link below to find a CMN Rep near you who can help you prepare to launch.