Host a Venue


Hosting a venue multiplies opportunities to reach a single setting for the gospel. A venue typically meets at the home campus as a new service dedicated to reaching a special population – such as a new service in a different language.


Hosting a venue can look different depending on your context – You can have a strong relationship with a lot of creative control from the host church or none at all. To help clarify some of the steps we have listed two common approaches to hosting a venue:

I. Starting a new service on your campus aimed at a particular target audience

  1. This venue will fall under the leadership and vision of the existing church

  2. The venue will share in the financial resources of the existing church

  3. The venue will require leaders and volunteers from your existing team

II. Allowing another church to use your facility

  1. The venue will fall under the leadership and vision of the guest pastor

  2. The venue will have its own financial resources and accountability

  3. The venue will not require any leaders or volunteers from the host church


Option 1: Starting a new service on your campus

Starting a new service in the form of venue is a great way to make the most of your facilities and reach new parts of your community.

Clarify what will make this venue distinct from other services

  • Common venue themes include:

    • Different language

    • Different style of worship

    • Unique service time

    • Target audience (e.g. ethnic or age group)

Starting a new venue on an existing campus is very similar to launching a separate campus for your church - the good news is that you already have a location!


Option 2: Allowing another church to use your facility

Hosting another church is a great way to make the most of your facilities.


Begin praying about the opportunity to host a venue

Evaluate current vision and ministry plan to decide if hosting a venue aligns with the church's vision

Take the Multiplication assessment to identify possible growth areas for your team

Speak with your board and leadership team about the idea of hosting a church venue


Begin meeting with the pastor of the potential hosted church

  • Understand their mission and vision

  • Familiarize yourself with their DNA and church culture

  • Formally outline when they would need facility space and what equipment they would have access to

  • Discuss associated costs and what amount of rent would be appropriate

Review the the information from your meeting with your board and leadership team

Allow church to launch their services


Encourage the new church's leadership team to attend a CMN Launch event

Check in regularly with the guest pastor and his or her leadership team


Determine all costs related to hosting the venue

  • Extra maintenance costs

  • Increased utilities

  • Equipment wear and tear

  • Increased staffing related costs

Agree upon the negotiated amount of rent that would be required for the venue


Develop a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines:

  • A shared vision for the host church and venue to agree upon

  • When the church will meet

  • What type of access it will have to facilities and equipment

  • Conditions for rent

  • Guidelines for addressing disputes

  • Timeline for renting

  • Conditions for terminating the relationship

Review the Memorandum of Understanding with your board and any desired legal council

Have both parties sign Memorandum of Understanding

Review the Memorandum of Understanding at the end of a year to ensure both parties are satisfied

Congratulations on committing to host a venue! Explore other ways to multiply: