Parent a Church


Parenting a church multiplies churches by simply making more of them. This process involves raising up a church planting team from your home church and sending them out to pioneer a brand new work for the Kingdom.

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Pray about parenting a church

Talk with your board and leadership team about parenting a church

Articulate the relationship your church will have with the planter

  • Fill out a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize expectations on both side in writing

  • Cast a vision to your congregation explaining the importance of parenting a new church


Identify a leader for the plant

  • Church planting leaders often come from our own leadership teams

  • A potential planter should have your church DNA - don’t plant with someone you wouldn’t personally want on your team

  • Be supportive if someone on your team has a passion to plant

Give opportunity for others in your congregation to pray about joining the planting team

  • Families from your congregation

  • Current ministry volunteers

Explore CMN’s Steps to Plant with the planter and their team

  • Steps to Plant is a free resource that gives your team a step-by-step guide on how plant a church

Send the lead planter and their team members to CMN Launch training

  • Visit to register

    • Launch is a three-day training event designed by CMN to adequately prepare leaders who want to plant a church

  • Attend the Launch event with the planter for in-depth training on how to plant a new church

When the planter is ready to move to their new community, commission them during a service

  • Pass out prayer cards

  • Take an offering for the new church plant

Send a team from your parent church to help serve and be a part of the grand opening celebration

Maintain a relationship with the new church planter

  • Celebrate wins

  • Give advice as they grow

  • Visit the new church plant regularly and share their wins with your home church


Consider what kind of financial support you will provide to the church

  • Ongoing: Supporting the church financially on a regular basis

  • Special Offering: A one-time gift

  • Matching Fund Partner: CMN offers matching funds up to $50,000 for new church plants. Every applicant is required to have a co-signing partner church as they commit to replenishing borrowed funds. You can help a new church plant by agreeing to be their Primary Partner on a new application. Learn more here

Meet with the planter to discuss passions, qualifications, and vision

  • Confirm they understand their relationship to your church

  • Confirm they understand what type of support they will receive

Consider being the daughter church’s Primary Partner on their Matching Fund application

Set out clear expectations for planters personal fundraising goals before the parent will sign on for the matching grant


Connect the new planter with key people in your district

Meet regularly with the planter for mentoring before they move to their new location


Celebrate publicly when the new church launches

Give regular updates on the church plant’s progress

  • Video updates from church planter

  • Share their stories on social media

  • Announcements during your church service

Celebrate the 3-month and 6-month milestones with the new plant

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