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Multiplication Models

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If you're thinking about multiplying the church, there are four different avenues you can take. Watch the videos below to learn more about each model of multiplication.


Launch a Campus

Launching a campus multiplies the presence of a church in a city. A new campus replicates the DNA of the launching church and functions as one church in multiple locations.

Host a Venue

Hosting a venue multiplies opportunities to reach a single setting for the gospel. A venue typically meets at the home campus as a new service dedicated to reaching a special population – such as a new service in a different language.

Parent a church

Parenting a church multiplies churches by simply making more of them. This process involves raising up a church planting team from your home church and sending them out to pioneer a brand new work for the Kingdom.

Fund a dream

Funding a dream multiplies churches by providing critical financial resources for church planters. CMN stewards a matching fund that disburses up to $50,000 to a church plant in the process of pre-launch fundraising. By donating to this cause you can play a critical part in church multiplication.

Next Steps


What kind of multiplier are you?

Now that you've learned about the different types of multiplication, it's time to discover what kind of multiplier you are. Take this 2-minute quiz to get started!

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What do I do next?

As you evaluate what type of multiplication God is calling you to, consider these six things:

Prayer - Pray for wisdom and vision

Place - Where will it happen?

People - Who will do this with you?

Provision - What will it cost?

Problems - What barriers exist?

Process - What process will you take?

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