LEAD After Launch

After helping launch a new campus or venue, stay on top of post-launch concerns by following this guide


Marriage and Family [+]

  • Schedule regular vacations
  • Schedule regular days off during the week
  • Consider providing regular counseling for campus pastors and spouses

Team Building [+]

  • Manage your team’s emotional energy post-launch
  • Assess how the campus pastor is leading
  • Assess if the campus has enough support and volunteers
  • Throw a thank you celebration for the staff and volunteers
  • Maintain communication channels between campus pastor and the rest of the pastoral team
  • Schedule quarterly in-depth meetings with campus pastor
  • Evaluate what leadership roles are needed and identify who could fill those roles
  • Outline roles of key ministry leaders between campuses and how they should interact
  • Develop representative roles from the campus on key leadership teams, boards, and committees

Finances [+]

  • Develop and maintain a strategy for financial sustainability
  • Evaluate incoming tithes and compare to projected giving
  • Consider what major purchases still need to be made
  • Reconnect with donors personally
  • Keep those who invested in your campus up-to-date after launch through social media, announcements, and deliberate references during the sermon

Vision [+]

  • Confirm the new campus aligns with the vision of the church
  • Establish an annual Vision Sunday

Marketing [+]

  • Review ordered promotional materials
  • Distribute church swag to volunteers
  • Visit local businesses
  • Have launch team and volunteers distribute door hangers in local community

Location [+]

  • Schedule regular walkthrough through the campus location
  • Have a Plan B if your location has to change unexpectedly
  • Seek feedback from facility and maintenance teams

Systems: Connect [+]

  • Follow up with every visitor
  • Utilize assimilation resources to help introduce newcomers to the church
  • Determine how membership classes will be taught

Systems: Grow [+]

  • Implement and evaluate grow systems at new campus
  • Track small group attendance
  • Brainstorm what types of new groups should be started
  • Develop a system to mentor new and existing small group leaders
  • Track the quality of youth and children's ministries
  • Talk with leaders to hear what issues they have experienced at the new campus

Systems: Serve [+]

  • Regularly encourage and give an opportunity for new people to serve
  • Develop clear channels of follow-up for anyone interested in serving
  • Maintain background checks on all new volunteers
  • Give people an off-ramp to serving - no commitment should be indefinite

Systems: Go [+]

  • Plan regular outreaches in the new community
  • Host missionaries at the new campus
  • Consider a short term mission trip

Systems: Worship [+]

  • Maintain an all-church calendar
  • Coordinate staff holidays
  • Outline which yearly events will be separate and which will be together
  • Discuss and outline future sermon series
  • Schedule guest speakers and consider having the senior pastor preach at the new campus
  • Set up system for pastoral care (wedings, hospital visits, etc.)


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