Fund a Dream


Funding a dream multiplies churches by providing critical financial resources for church planters


CMN and the AGTrust steward the Matching Fund, a ministry catalyst that disperses up to $50,000 to church plants in the process of pre-launch fundraising. By donating to this cause you can play a critical part in church multiplication.


Pray about financially partnering with a church planter

Talk with your board and pastoral team to confirm the investment in a church plant

Consider what kind of financial support you will provide to church planting

  • Ongoing: Supporting church plants financially on a regular basis through donations to the Matching Fund

  • Special Offering: A one-time gift to the Matching Fund

  • Matching Fund Partner: CMN offers matching funds up to $50,000 for new church plants. Every applicant is required to have a co-signing partner church (Primary Partner) as they commit to replenishing the borrowed funds. You can help a new church plant by agreeing to be their Primary Partner on a new application. Learn more here

Talk about church planting with your congregation


Ask God to give you an amount to invest into a new church plant

Provide an opportunity for others to join you in resourcing a new church by taking an offering in service dedicated to planting new churches

Ready to make a donation?

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Congratulations on helping to financially support a church plant! Explore other ways to multiply: